Welcome and Blog Introduction

Hello friends, family and interested parties! As you know by now, I am gearing up to serve in the Peace Corps for 27 months in Kazakhstan. The experience is sure to be paradoxical in many ways: life-altering and yet mundane, exhilarating but difficult, both taking me far away and allowing me to appreciate home. I will use this blog to chart the journey as best I can. Please leave comments as often as possible, even just to say hi! It is very important to me (but may otherwise prove hard) to stay connected to all of you while I’m gone.

Let the adventure begin!

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2 Responses to Welcome and Blog Introduction

  1. Tom says:

    Great device for staying touch. Good luck! Miss you already.Tom

  2. Zehra says:

    Becca! I am so happy that you posted a blog and even more grateful on the information on the peace corps. As I approach that time filled with endless questions about what to do next, your words of wisdom are greatly appreciated. Where are you at the moment? I just returned to New York from Europe and would just love to see you if you're around! much love,

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