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Care Package Wish List

So some of you have asked me what I would like in a care package (I love you, friends!:). Honestly, there are not too many things I need that I can’t get here or that I didn’t already bring with … Continue reading

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I’ve spent the last two weekends in Almaty, which is about a 40-minute drive from Issyk (longer by public bus or with traffic). It is an incredibly cosmopolitan city that is pretty much beyond our current large village/small town budget. … Continue reading

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Local Friends and Cultural Events

09.06.09 Sorry for not updating regularly; I’ve realized that although everything already feels pretty routine, a lot of things have actually happened that may be of interest to my far-away readers. 🙂 I have had the pleasure of really immersing … Continue reading

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I climbed a mountain

08.29.09 Today, I climbed a mountain. No, that’s not an analogy – I literally climbed a mountain. After class a few of us went with Shannon and her Kazakh host family to the “mountains” that start rolling up straight from … Continue reading

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