Care Package Wish List

So some of you have asked me what I would like in a care package (I love you, friends!:). Honestly, there are not too many things I need that I can’t get here or that I didn’t already bring with my type-A packing, so I’ve neglected putting up a list until now. However, it seems to be a very American tradition that is prevalent in Peace Corps to request and receive packages, and so as not to be left out, I’ve succumbed! Rest assured that anything you send will directly benefit the mental and emotional health of the volunteers here, as we always share and people gather around every package as if it were Christmas. 😛

Larger things I need (if you send any of these, please let me know and I will cross them off the list):

  • Earmuffs, a scarf and warm gloves (preferably dark colors). It’s freezing already and I came un-accessorized (bad idea) thinking stuff here would be of better quality since they’re used to the cold. It’s not.
  • A normal black belt (size 2); my pants for some reason are fitting even more poorly than before (combination of no dryer for clothes + walking 3 miles a day)
  • Mac OSX Snow Leopard update CD (came out RIGHT after I left! Sad)
  • Seasons 2-4 of “How I Met Your Mother” (yes J, best show ever;)
  • A makeup pencil sharpener (this is not big but I only need one:P)

Things I am happy to receive at any time 😉

  • Nice American ink pens (black & blue mostly, red, green, etc. if mixed pack), non-ballpoint. My fave is the Sanford Uniball ONYX Micro, and I’ve gone through 3 already here in just a month!
  • Stationery
  • Many packs of pocket tissues 😛
  • Flower and plant/herb seeds from the U.S. (my host granny is a big gardener and she would be thrilled).
  • Some nice, neutral color of lip gloss (mine are quickly running out) – darker pinks, corals, brownish-pinks are great
  • A fun color of nail polish
  • Non-dangly earrings
  • Tylenol Cold (non-drowsy)
  • Non-yucky cough drops (honey lemon or any of the nicer, non-Halls flavors)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lots of gum (mint, spearmint). The gum here is weird and not chewy. 😦
  • Spiced chai or cinnamon tea bags
  • Tabasco/jalapeno sauce or any Chinese cooking sauce (black bean, hoisin, sriracha, etc.)
  • Asian snacks (wasabi peas, pineapple cakes, salty/spicy snack mix, mochi, etc.)
  • American snacks (dark chocolate almonds, snack mix, sour cream & onion Pringles, etc.)
  • Some small-sized games (Taboo, UNO, pocket-whatever, sudoku)
  • Any other good TV shows in the States (no Family Guy please:P)
  • Mixed CD of the latest hits in the U.S.
  • The Economist, TIME, or some other current events magazine

And for everyone out there keeping in touch and supporting all of us (soon-to-be)PCVs…thank you!!

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2 Responses to Care Package Wish List

  1. Roxanne says:

    How I Met Your Mother is a regular hit in my Cairo apartment as well. Jason would be proud.

  2. Allie says:

    tian tian dou xiang zhe ni – wo zui ai ni, jiejie!!

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