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Issyk, I will miss you so much!!!

10.26.09 The end of Pre-Service Training (PST) is finally here. After two months in this lovely town, I will be eating the last of my granny’s fresh apple cake and chai, and spending my last night in this cozy plant-filled … Continue reading

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JUST KIDDING – Site Change to Shymkent!

10.25.09 Ironically, the day after finally posting about my site announcement, I have become the first Kaz-21 to have a site change – before even leaving to site! Our Country Director (CD) and Assistant Country Director broke the news to … Continue reading

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Site announcement!!

10.09.09 (backlogged again, sorry) At long last, we found out our permanent sites, where we will be spending the next two years! We were all biting our nails at the ceremony, which was painfully placed at the end of a … Continue reading

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Karaganda Field Trip

09.28.09 – 10.01.09 (majorly backlogged) This week, us OCAPs (Organizational & Community Assistant Program, for those of you not following at home) got to go on a field trip to a different region in Kazakhstan. While we’re all training in … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Holiday Celebration

10.04.09 (backlogged) Today is the Teacher’s Holiday in Kazakhstan. I think this holiday is one of the things we should import from Kazakhstan to America. Being a teacher is hard work that I appreciate all the more by observing the … Continue reading

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Life Updates & Mid-Training Reflections

10.06.09 Sorry in advance that my posts are backlogged, outdated and in the wrong order; I rarely got enough access to internet (just wireless about once a week when I could get to Almaty) to post blog or photos, but … Continue reading

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Turgen Waterfall – A Peace Corps Moment

(backlogged from 09.18.09) Every so often here, we will get to experience one of those “Peace Corps Moments” that people talk about – moments when you can’t believe you’re in this far away place, sharing an experience with these people…everything … Continue reading

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