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Demographic Trends in Kazakhstan

I got some interest in my brief mention below of the vast difference between male and female life spans here in this part of the world.  I thought I’d write a post and share with you some pretty fascinating demographic … Continue reading

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My Host Family

As you may remember, I changed host families after my first month in Shymkent, as my previous situation was proving to be untenable.  The rules of Peace Corps are that each volunteer will have three host families to choose from … Continue reading

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Blogspot Failure

[EDIT: Got blogger to start working normally again through an awesome router program! Added links and a photo.] So, I’ve had several little pieces of my life written up now and backlogged in keeping with my new years resolution, but … Continue reading

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Aral Sea Adventure

We kicked off 2010 with an insane, spontaneous trip to the Aral Sea. Before I tell you about the ridiculousness that was the trip itself, I want to give you a little backstory about the significance of the sea and … Continue reading

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