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NAURYZ Special Notice

The following is a special letter for my fellow Kaz Peace Corps Volunteers…. You were happy when you got your site placement in the fair mountainous east, snowy Russified north, or gentrified Almatinskij oblasts.  Then winter came, and you realized … Continue reading

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What I Do (Part II)

This is the second of a two-part post about my work as an NGO Development volunteer in Peace Corps Kazakhstan, and will detail my actual activities and responsibilities with my organization, community partners, and secondary projects in and around Shymkent. … Continue reading

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What I Do (Part I)

So I realize I haven’t actually posted too much yet about what I actually do at my job as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Shymkent. While cultural exchange constitutes the last two goals of the Peace Corps, the first is … Continue reading

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