New Apartment!

May 1 was a milestone occasion for PCVs in our Kaz-21 group…the day we were allowed to move out into our own places!  Thanks to some very sweet ladies at another of our community NGO partners, I found an ideal place two bus stops from work.  It is honestly the largest space I have ever single-handedly occupied: a big entrance hall, living room, spacious bedroom, kitchen/dining area and sort of closed-off indoor balcony. It is clean and airy with fantastic amounts of sunlight and beautiful plants – take a look for yourself!
I am thrilled to experience site through the fresh perspective that freedom and independence inevitably brings.  I never realized how nice it is to be able to take a shower, do my laundry, or practice yoga without having to ask someone to turn a blaring TV off, heat up the water, or clear out the bathroom.  It’s also so nice to finally have a place to put all of my things!  As you can see, I have a big closet, a real desk/chair where I can study, automatic hot water and a laundry machine – all of which are luxuries here that I haven’t had in months.  The price was also amazing – 25,000 tenge per month including utilities (that’s $167).  Considerably more expensive than living with a host family, but absolutely worth it.  Plus I’m right next to a wonderful bazaar with cheap, fresh produce and even a Korean store where I can buy Asian groceries (more on that later!).  I feel for all my northern friends who have to pay so much for heat and utilities as well as more for food.  But no matter where you are, congrats to everyone who has moved into their own place!
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4 Responses to New Apartment!

  1. Kyle says:

    Congrats! I'm so happy for you!

  2. SaigonNezumi says:

    Nice apartment. It beat what I had in 1997-1999. I lived with a host family since the apartment I was given did not have electricity :-)Best of luck.

  3. Wow! I lived in Austria for 2 years and didn't have as nice a place. Plus, it was a LOT more expensive. Congratulations. Enjoy.

  4. Mary says:

    is your rent covered with your living allowance from the Peace Corps?

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