Care Package List


Moving into my new place, I’ve been inspired to create a new care package wish list that include some cooking items.  Some of you have expressed the desire to send something, and now is the perfect time!  We PCVs are always so touched and so excited to get mail here; it remains a constant source of happiness and support from our friends and loved ones back home.  And I can promise a cool Kazakh photo, letter or souvenir from me, so make sure you write your return address.  🙂

Thank you!!

-Good recipes and the spices to make them!
-Curry and stew spice mixes/packets
-Sriracha sauce
-BBQ sauce
-Waxed baking sheets
-Instant corn bread, cranberry/blueberry muffin, brownie, or other “in-a-box” mixes
-Ice cube tray
-Yoga/pilates/exercise DVDs
Waxed floss
Thank you cards/blank greeting cards
-Crew-cut athletic socks
Good conditioner (like this one)
-Good ink pens that don’t bleed
-Scented candles
-Biore pore strips
Oil-absorbing sheets
-Crunchy peanut butter
-Healthy snack/trail mix
-Any Asian snack (wasabi peas, pineapple cakes, dried mango)
-Beef jerky
-Cheap summer tank tops, non-spaghetti strap (it is about to get WAY TOO HOT here)
Lip gloss (nude, pink/brown, coral), mascara, some fun color of nail polish (e.g. turquoise)
-Fun jewelry (e.g. chunky bracelets)
-Magazines (National Geographic, Economist, Time, Cosmo)
-A mixed CD of whatever is out in the U.S.
-Postcards, letters, and photos!

Please send to the following address (with both English and Cyrillic on the package):
Rebecca Gong

Peace Corps Volunteer
P.O. Box 62
Shymkent 160000

Rebecca Gong
Корпус Мира
А/Я 62
Шымкент 160000

[Edit: I’ll be crossing things off the list as I get them to avoid duplication. Thank you SO much to everyone who has sent something — you don’t know how much it makes my day to receive little reminders of home, love and support!]

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