Temporary Hiatus in Blog Updates

Dear all, 

Many apologies for the long silence on the blog.  For the last month and a half my poor MacBook pro has been in a state of complete darkness (I think the precise term that popped up on Google was “Macbook black screen of death”), and it is now sitting at an official Apple repair center in lovely Istanbul waiting for parts.  Blogspot is still blocked and inaccessible from KZ without my Mac’s special software, so thus I will be out of commission on the blog for yet another foreseeable month (posting this by email).  But when I return from this forced hiatus, expect the following posts in varying states of belatedness:
  • Christmas in China with dad and Jo!
  • New years party parties extravaganza in Shymkent
  • My organization’s youth conference, featuring interactive “youth fair” booths
  • Turkey trip with Michelle and Danish!
  • NGO School in Kostanai, where I presented on strategic planning and mission statements to 30 KZ NGOs with Bree!
  • New Shymkent Model UN Team and the MISMUN (Miras International School Model United Nations) Conference Aaron and I are taking our students to in Almaty (March 9-12)
Be back as soon as I can!  Until then, feel free to e-mail.
Much love,
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4 Responses to Temporary Hiatus in Blog Updates

  1. Michelle says:

    >YESSS Model UN!! I'm sorry to hear about your Macbook. We really are so dependent on these tools of work, pleasure, and…LIFE, basically. good to hear you're doing well, at least, and i hope you get to update soon 🙂 <3- michelle

  2. shauna says:

    >Hi Becca,I am after a little information if possible? My son has just gone to Taraz to help teach english in a language school. I know very little about Kazakhstan and thought you may be able to help or set my mind at rest.Would you be able to email me please? Shauna

  3. anna marie says:

    >Shauna,In light of Becca's current internet woes, she requests you send her an email at beccazsky (at) gmail.com. Given her limited access to the blog (currently blocked), that will be a better way to be in touch.Anna

  4. shauna says:

    >Anne Marie, thank you so much, I will contact her, I am a typical worried mum, my son has gone to work in a language school in kazakhstan, to me he is still my little boy(he is 19) I just needed a bit of info on the area, culture etc. Thanks again its great to read of the things you all do. Well done, Shauna 🙂

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