wheels and wings

Transportation log the past 2 weeks:
1 hour, plane, Osh-Bishkek (+2 hours in taxis to/from airports)
5 hours, taxi, Bishkek-Naryn
1 hour, helicopter, Naryn-Bishkek (+3.5 hours in taxis to/from landing pads…thus saving us all of 40 minutes for a cool $4k. Thanks for the joyride, AKDN!)
16 hours, bus, Bishkek-Shymkent (was supposed to be 8 hours but the bus broke down twice, not to mention maintained sweltering banya-like heat and supersonic-volumed Russian soap operas the entire way, including through the breakdowns from 3 am – 8 am)
hour, two taxis, Shymkent (one ran out of gas on the way, the other got me from the edge of town to where I was staying)
14 hours, train, Shymkent-Almaty (decided not to risk the bus on the way back, and wanted to see a couple friends for an hour or two in the city)
4 hours, taxi, Almaty-Bishkek (taxi passengers were one ethnically Kyrgyz girl who spoke Russian/Kazakh/English, two Chinese nationals who were ethnically Kazakh and spoke Kazakh and [weird] Chinese, and one ethnic Chinese who is nationally American and spoke Russian/Chinese/English 😛 We all found at least one common language to communicate in)
1 hour, plane, Bishkek-Osh (+2 hours in taxis to/from airports)
Grand Total: 50.5 hours, 5 cities, 5 modes of transportation. Will try to stay put for awhile before the next bout of trainings and workshops in March.
[breathtaking view of northern Kyrgyzstan, from expensive helicopter 😮 ]
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