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A Eulogy to Peace Corps Kazakhstan

I finished my service in Peace Corps Kazakhstan in August 2011 (the posts you have seen since then have all been retroactive), and moved to Kyrgyzstan to work with a development organization. As in KZ, Blogspot and WordPress are still … Continue reading

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I haven’t been blogging as much lately, and that is largely because so many things have happened in the last few months that I simply cannot go into detail about here.  These include a spat of homelessness, multiple big moves, … Continue reading

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When Bears Consume Cornpuffs – The Shymkent Zoo (& Other Adventures)

So shortly after I first got here, my counterpart took me on a trip to the Shymkent Zoo. The trip was yet another culture shock lesson on many levels. The first shock for me was in the planning: one day … Continue reading

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Culture Shock Moments

This first month in Shymkent has been full of surprises and hilarities. Welcome to another episode of “Kazakhstan: Things Are Not What They Seem.” Also known as “Things That Make Becca’s ‘Culture Shock’ Journal in Shymkent a Running List of … Continue reading

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Gender Norms in the SKO

At the end of PST, our PCVTA trainer gave us a wise piece of final advice before our respective journeys to site. It went something as follows: When it comes to dealing with culture shock, there is a spectrum of … Continue reading

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