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Weekend in Zanzibar

Last weekend, a group of friends and I went to explore Tanzania’s famous semi-autonomous region: the beautiful island of Zanzibar. A brief background and history: As early as the 1st century AD, Zanzibar was a trading post between Africa, Arabia … Continue reading

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Travel Guide – Shymkent/SKO

Apologies for the blast from the past (unrelated to my current whereabouts!), but I realized I had written this up long ago and never posted it. South Kazakhstan Oblast (SKO) has something for every traveler — mountains and rivers, untouched … Continue reading

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my new home

I realize it has been forever since I’ve blogged. I have no real excuses besides the eternal one of my blog being blocked here…I can get around it with a little ingenuity, but I’ve just gotten overwhelmed at the thought … Continue reading

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Nauryz, the coming of spring celebration, is one of the biggest holidays in Kazakhstan (they name the whole month of March after it!). It is celebrated on March 22 every year at the spring equinox. The festivities are a-plenty, and … Continue reading

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A Very Kazakh Christmas

Merry (belated) Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Eid, New Year, and whatever else you may be celebrating! The holidays have been treating me pretty well here in Kazakhstan. The last week has been a flurry of baking, cooking, dinner parties, and … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Holiday Celebration

10.04.09 (backlogged) Today is the Teacher’s Holiday in Kazakhstan. I think this holiday is one of the things we should import from Kazakhstan to America. Being a teacher is hard work that I appreciate all the more by observing the … Continue reading

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Life Updates & Mid-Training Reflections

10.06.09 Sorry in advance that my posts are backlogged, outdated and in the wrong order; I rarely got enough access to internet (just wireless about once a week when I could get to Almaty) to post blog or photos, but … Continue reading

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