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A Eulogy to Peace Corps Kazakhstan

I finished my service in Peace Corps Kazakhstan in August 2011 (the posts you have seen since then have all been retroactive), and moved to Kyrgyzstan to work with a development organization. As in KZ, Blogspot and WordPress are still … Continue reading

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South Kazakhstan International Model United Nations 2011

06.26.11 (backlogged) I am very proud to say that less than a year since starting our Model United Nations project in Shymkent, South Kazakhstan witnessed its very first full MUN conference for students from around the region.  This was the … Continue reading

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Summer Youth Leadership School 2011

[Note: I have a bunch of unwritten/unposted updates from the end of my service that I would like to share regardless for posterity’s sake. So I will get them up as soon as possible, and then return back to real-time … Continue reading

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Dilfuza, We Are With You

This month, my organization became involved in a tragic but important legal case brought to the South Kazakhstan Regional Court.  The defendant, a girl named Dilfuza, was walking home with her friend and nephew on October 1, 2009 in the … Continue reading

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What I Do (Part II)

This is the second of a two-part post about my work as an NGO Development volunteer in Peace Corps Kazakhstan, and will detail my actual activities and responsibilities with my organization, community partners, and secondary projects in and around Shymkent. … Continue reading

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What I Do (Part I)

So I realize I haven’t actually posted too much yet about what I actually do at my job as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Shymkent. While cultural exchange constitutes the last two goals of the Peace Corps, the first is … Continue reading

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Gender Norms in the SKO

At the end of PST, our PCVTA trainer gave us a wise piece of final advice before our respective journeys to site. It went something as follows: When it comes to dealing with culture shock, there is a spectrum of … Continue reading

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