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Travel Guide – Shymkent/SKO

Apologies for the blast from the past (unrelated to my current whereabouts!), but I realized I had written this up long ago and never posted it. South Kazakhstan Oblast (SKO) has something for every traveler — mountains and rivers, untouched … Continue reading

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Nauryz, the coming of spring celebration, is one of the biggest holidays in Kazakhstan (they name the whole month of March after it!). It is celebrated on March 22 every year at the spring equinox. The festivities are a-plenty, and … Continue reading

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New blog site, catching up

Hi all, I have finally succumbed and imported my blog from blogspot to wordpress.  As much as I loved having my blog pop up first on Google when you enter “Peace Corps Kazakhstan,” my vanity is officially deferring to convenience … Continue reading

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Temporary Hiatus in Blog Updates

Dear all,  Many apologies for the long silence on the blog.  For the last month and a half my poor MacBook pro has been in a state of complete darkness (I think the precise term that popped up on Google … Continue reading

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The Second Year Begins

Life is changing with the natural cycle of Peace Corps Volunteers coming and going from site.  Our contract is for two years, and every new generation brings with it its own character and dynamic.  We recently hosted two groups of … Continue reading

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NAURYZ Special Notice

The following is a special letter for my fellow Kaz Peace Corps Volunteers…. You were happy when you got your site placement in the fair mountainous east, snowy Russified north, or gentrified Almatinskij oblasts.  Then winter came, and you realized … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year Dumplings

02.14.10 Today was an epic day – a double-whammy of Valentine’s Day and, more importantly, Chinese New Year. 😉  Writing this I am stuffed to the brim with my mother’s homemade dumplings/potstickers, only they weren’t made by my mother this … Continue reading

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