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жакшы калиңез

In Kyrgyz, there are two ways to say goodbye: жакшы калиңез (“stay well”) if you are the one departing, and жакшы бариңез (“have a good journey”) if you are the one remaining. I recently said what I hope is only a temporary … Continue reading

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wheels and wings

Transportation log the past 2 weeks: 1 hour, plane, Osh-Bishkek (+2 hours in taxis to/from airports) 5 hours, taxi, Bishkek-Naryn 1 hour, helicopter, Naryn-Bishkek (+3.5 hours in taxis to/from landing pads…thus saving us all of 40 minutes for a cool $4k. Thanks for the joyride, AKDN!) 16 hours, bus, … Continue reading

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A Eulogy to Peace Corps Kazakhstan

I finished my service in Peace Corps Kazakhstan in August 2011 (the posts you have seen since then have all been retroactive), and moved to Kyrgyzstan to work with a development organization. As in KZ, Blogspot and WordPress are still … Continue reading

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South Kazakhstan International Model United Nations 2011

06.26.11 (backlogged) I am very proud to say that less than a year since starting our Model United Nations project in Shymkent, South Kazakhstan witnessed its very first full MUN conference for students from around the region.  This was the … Continue reading

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A Very Kazakh Christmas

Merry (belated) Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Eid, New Year, and whatever else you may be celebrating! The holidays have been treating me pretty well here in Kazakhstan. The last week has been a flurry of baking, cooking, dinner parties, and … Continue reading

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Arrival in Kazakhstan

Hi everyone, I have made it safely to Kazakhstan; sorry for the delay in updating, but I didn’t have internet until now. So much has happened in the last few days that it feels like weeks, but has not passed … Continue reading

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Apples are from Kazakhstan

I just finished reading Apples are from Kazakhstan by Christopher Robbins. It’s a fantastic read – enjoyable but informative, told in travelogue style but stuffed with the most engaging historical and cultural points. I highly recommend it to all soon-to-be … Continue reading

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