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Joining the Peace Corps – an FAQ for Interested Parties

Since returning from the Peace Corps, I’ve frequently received e-mails from friends or friends-of-friends who are considering joining. They ask some great questions, and I thought the answers might be of use to the general public. If you want my … Continue reading

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A Eulogy to Peace Corps Kazakhstan

I finished my service in Peace Corps Kazakhstan in August 2011 (the posts you have seen since then have all been retroactive), and moved to Kyrgyzstan to work with a development organization. As in KZ, Blogspot and WordPress are still … Continue reading

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Summer Youth Leadership School 2011

[Note: I have a bunch of unwritten/unposted updates from the end of my service that I would like to share regardless for posterity’s sake. So I will get them up as soon as possible, and then return back to real-time … Continue reading

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The Second Year Begins

Life is changing with the natural cycle of Peace Corps Volunteers coming and going from site.  Our contract is for two years, and every new generation brings with it its own character and dynamic.  We recently hosted two groups of … Continue reading

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SLS 2010, Orphanage Project, & My Bday (Part I)

08.17.10 Dostar Rural Orphanage Project, Summer Youth LeadershipSchool 2010, & Becca’s Birthday (Part I) These last few weeks have beenabsolutely the most fun, unreal, busy, rewarding and crazy of my time inKazakhstan – all in a good way!  Assoon as … Continue reading

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JUST KIDDING – Site Change to Shymkent!

10.25.09 Ironically, the day after finally posting about my site announcement, I have become the first Kaz-21 to have a site change – before even leaving to site! Our Country Director (CD) and Assistant Country Director broke the news to … Continue reading

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Arrival in Kazakhstan

Hi everyone, I have made it safely to Kazakhstan; sorry for the delay in updating, but I didn’t have internet until now. So much has happened in the last few days that it feels like weeks, but has not passed … Continue reading

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