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Language Training, Living Allowance, Door Locks, Laptop, Luggage Limit

What kind of language training do you get?  What should I do to prepare now?One of the difficulties about KZ is that there are two language groups, Russian and Kazakh, and before you get here you cannot actually be sure … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Holiday Celebration

10.04.09 (backlogged) Today is the Teacher’s Holiday in Kazakhstan. I think this holiday is one of the things we should import from Kazakhstan to America. Being a teacher is hard work that I appreciate all the more by observing the … Continue reading

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Life Updates & Mid-Training Reflections

10.06.09 Sorry in advance that my posts are backlogged, outdated and in the wrong order; I rarely got enough access to internet (just wireless about once a week when I could get to Almaty) to post blog or photos, but … Continue reading

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Local Friends and Cultural Events

09.06.09 Sorry for not updating regularly; I’ve realized that although everything already feels pretty routine, a lot of things have actually happened that may be of interest to my far-away readers. 🙂 I have had the pleasure of really immersing … Continue reading

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I climbed a mountain

08.29.09 Today, I climbed a mountain. No, that’s not an analogy – I literally climbed a mountain. After class a few of us went with Shannon and her Kazakh host family to the “mountains” that start rolling up straight from … Continue reading

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PST Community Training Villages

Saturday: Today we split up into our regional training groups. For the next 10 weeks, we will all be continuing Pre-Service Training (PST) in various villages/small towns less than an hour away from Almaty. This year for the first time, … Continue reading

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Host Babushka

When we arrived in Issyk, my host mother was holding a sign with my name in the very front of the crowd, so I was the first to be paired! She squealed and gave me a huge hug and grin. … Continue reading

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