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Youth Development

What is the Youth Development/Youth Initiative Program and what can I expect as a YD volunteer?The Youth Initiative Program (YIP) is a newly-minted Peace Corps Kazakhstan Program.  To know what’s different about it, you have to know what came before … Continue reading

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Language Training, Living Allowance, Door Locks, Laptop, Luggage Limit

What kind of language training do you get?  What should I do to prepare now?One of the difficulties about KZ is that there are two language groups, Russian and Kazakh, and before you get here you cannot actually be sure … Continue reading

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Packing List and Tips

What should I pack? I know other PCVs have also posted about this, but everyone has some new tips and things to add so I thought I’d throw in my $0.02.  I think there are some pretty crucial things on … Continue reading

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For Mary

Apologies for the break in blogging – I went on a long-anticipated vacation to the Philippines to visit my middle school best friend Jessi, and then to China to see my family (seemingly every member!).  I will share pictures from … Continue reading

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