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Travel Guide – Shymkent/SKO

Apologies for the blast from the past (unrelated to my current whereabouts!), but I realized I had written this up long ago and never posted it. South Kazakhstan Oblast (SKO) has something for every traveler — mountains and rivers, untouched … Continue reading

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wheels and wings

Transportation log the past 2 weeks: 1 hour, plane, Osh-Bishkek (+2 hours in taxis to/from airports) 5 hours, taxi, Bishkek-Naryn 1 hour, helicopter, Naryn-Bishkek (+3.5 hours in taxis to/from landing pads…thus saving us all of 40 minutes for a cool $4k. Thanks for the joyride, AKDN!) 16 hours, bus, … Continue reading

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A Eulogy to Peace Corps Kazakhstan

I finished my service in Peace Corps Kazakhstan in August 2011 (the posts you have seen since then have all been retroactive), and moved to Kyrgyzstan to work with a development organization. As in KZ, Blogspot and WordPress are still … Continue reading

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NAURYZ Special Notice

The following is a special letter for my fellow Kaz Peace Corps Volunteers…. You were happy when you got your site placement in the fair mountainous east, snowy Russified north, or gentrified Almatinskij oblasts.  Then winter came, and you realized … Continue reading

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Fitness in Shymkent

One of the first things I did to reclaim my sanity after the big move to site was scout out some viable exercise options in Shymmy, and set myself a (more-or-less) regular fitness schedule.  We have all also met great … Continue reading

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Culture Shock Moments

This first month in Shymkent has been full of surprises and hilarities. Welcome to another episode of “Kazakhstan: Things Are Not What They Seem.” Also known as “Things That Make Becca’s ‘Culture Shock’ Journal in Shymkent a Running List of … Continue reading

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Gender Norms in the SKO

At the end of PST, our PCVTA trainer gave us a wise piece of final advice before our respective journeys to site. It went something as follows: When it comes to dealing with culture shock, there is a spectrum of … Continue reading

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