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Joining the Peace Corps – an FAQ for Interested Parties

Since returning from the Peace Corps, I’ve frequently received e-mails from friends or friends-of-friends who are considering joining. They ask some great questions, and I thought the answers might be of use to the general public. If you want my … Continue reading

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Summer Youth Leadership School 2011

[Note: I have a bunch of unwritten/unposted updates from the end of my service that I would like to share regardless for posterity’s sake. So I will get them up as soon as possible, and then return back to real-time … Continue reading

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New blog site, catching up

Hi all, I have finally succumbed and imported my blog from blogspot to wordpress.  As much as I loved having my blog pop up first on Google when you enter “Peace Corps Kazakhstan,” my vanity is officially deferring to convenience … Continue reading

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Recent Youth Activities

On a positive note — it’s been another busy season work-wise!  We had three big back-to-back events in May with our youth volunteer leadership group — a Youth Volunteer Action Service Week “Free Hugs Day” activity, a peer-to-peer sexual and … Continue reading

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What I Do (Part I)

So I realize I haven’t actually posted too much yet about what I actually do at my job as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Shymkent. While cultural exchange constitutes the last two goals of the Peace Corps, the first is … Continue reading

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